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Showing 1 - 24 of servers. Community Join this Server. Camp Comet. Set in Japan in a mysterious location, a small camp known as Camp Comet makes itself at home. It remains a safe haven for every wandering teenager who needs it, boasting a reputation for being a place where anybody who needs it may stay. A long time ago, twelve comets struck the Earth and imbued the human occupants with magic.

Named after the astrological elements of our skies, each cabin features its own unique powers. From Mercury's dark magic to Earth's elemental magic, from Sun's illusion magic to Moon's shadow magic, there is a magic for you and your wonderful OC. There is never a lack of drama or romance, and we are consistent in keeping the server spicy and seasoned with plenty of active RP and fun plotlines for each individual!

Join this camp for an opportunity to experience magic, drama, romance, and more. Have fun roleplaying with us! Don't be worried though, if you join, you won't regret it! We promise.

We've recently undergone a massive staff upheaval and we're ready to provide for your RP needs now for real with no OOC drama and all IC drama, just like we all like it. Virgo Cult. The server - Virgo Cult is a server filled with Virgos. Why did we think of this idea? Well, long ago the person halie was once exploring about astrology with her Pisces friend Madi. She told halie a lot of stuff and after then halie got inspired and later to make the Virgo cult since Virgo is the 6th of the houses she wanted to make her fellow Virgos feel special.

Every day she met more and more Virgos and became intrigued by how many there are. Did you know Virgos are the second well-known zodiac sign to be common? Virgos are actually the well-known sign to be the smartest. Fun fact: Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical Weaknesses: Shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play Virgo likes: Animals, healthy food, books, nature, cleanliness Virgo dislikes: Their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance, and although they are often tender, their heart might be closed for the outer world.

The symbolism behind the name speaks well of their nature, born with a feeling they are experiencing everything for the first time.

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Free Nitro Giveaway!! Safe Space Going through a rough time? We can help! Active Community Open to everyone! The rules are minimalistic, similarly to the server itself, and the management style is fairly loose. And awoo is legal There are channels for talking, sharing your art, serious discussion, etc, so you're bound to find something you enjoy: Olivia Adler shields Courage.

Dregg puts on a handsome suit. Sasha Grier lies about cryptids. A missing pilot holds the key to the death of Noble the reigar. Finding him will be tougher than expected though, as a bloody power struggle sets Pell-3 ablaze.

Captain Liamoira Melbeck lays down the law. Olivia Adler aids the enemy.

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Dregg gets recognized. Sasha Grier repeatedly tries to explode dudes. Who will be promoted to first mate? When will the team learn of the secret operation to take down the Caravella crime family? What happened to Noble the reigar?

Pell-3 holds the answers. Captain Liamoira Melbeck smooches an alien. Olivia Adler appreciates art. Dregg squares up at fight club. Sasha Grier rolls to hold hands.

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Peace with the illithids is within reach and Invicta's plans were foiled, but downtime is still no picnic. Clashes over leadership style, duplicitous allegiances, and bloody vendettas keep the tension high. Captain Liamoira Melbeck delivers a shady package. Olivia Adler advances the food project. Sasha Grier faces a worm and a wyrm. Elizabeth Bohr is poised for a killing blow. Even if the Bastards defeat her Greyhound, they still have to contend with the leader of Invicta: Colonel Cassius Pire.

Captain Liamoira Melbeck faces death with shotgun blasts. Olivia Adler invents a smooth jazz persona. Dregg reveals his ace pilot skills. The poachers have been identified and their plan is clear: Our heroes will need some mechs of their own to drive off Invicta. Captain Liamoira Melbeck shoots a dude's face off. Olivia Adler stays behind with the hostage. Dregg employs olfactory warfare.

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Sasha Grier demands an egg. Park Ranger Keyser escorts the Bastards to the misty island biome where the poachers were spotted. What they find there will change everything. Captain Liamoira Melbeck asserts therapy authority. Olivia Adler faces friendly fire. Dregg fights in flight. Sasha Grier makes a long friend. Welcome to Hypatia, the wildlife preserve planet home to the universe's most massive monsters!

Poachers beware Captain Liamoira Melbeck starts a stampede. Olivia Adler blinds a colossus. Dregg employs his new shield. Sasha Grier touches a bean. Great strides were made towards peace with the illithids. Now it's time for the team to spend some downtime on Gloria before starting their next mission. Captain Liamoira Melbeck carouses at a local watering hole. Olivia Adler leads a therapy group. Dregg pulls off a heist.

Sasha Grier goes on a cryptid hunt. Only three nautiloid ships stand between the H. Snallygaster and safety. Captain Liamoira Melbeck drinks and drives.

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Olivia Adler goes on a coffee shop date. Dregg scatters some suggestive mines. Johnny Maloney: The Bastards try to find the source of the distress signal on Fermat, the most inhospitable planet in the solar system. Captain Liamoira Melbeck repeatedly saves the party with booze.

Olivia Adler finds a pacifism loophole. Dregg punches a dude's head clean off. Sasha Grier explodes a spaceship. Season 1 was Stoneroot. Season 2 was Lorelei. Season 3 was Ilium. Season 4 was Valentine. Season 5 is Markov.